What comes to mind when the word courage is heard

What comes to mind when the word courage is heard? Maybe a soldier, police officer, or maybe the President. Courage is what every super hero strives for, its what pushes a hero to do something. Courage is a word that can not be easily defined, everyone has their own view of what it means to have courage. Courage does not require any special traits, it only needs one thing and that’s fear. Courage and bravery are often said to be the same thing but that is not true, different approaches are needed to have courage rather than bravery.
Courage is not just for soldiers or super heroes, it is a trait that everyone has. Courage is shown on a daily basis because our lives and the lives of those that matter allow us to have courage and protect our loved ones. Courage is being able to adapt to new situations with no hesitation or letting go of something familiar and allowing for oneself to grow and discover new things. Courage can be something even as simply as saying sorry and admitting that it was wrong despite the consequences or fear of being wrong. Courage does not need someone to have loved ones or being able to adapt to something new, all someone needs to have courage is fear.
Fear drives someone to do the right thing or stepping up when no one will. Feeling fear and yet choosing to act against is something worthy of receiving courage. Without fear, courage cannot exist, courage and fear are considered brothers one needs the other. Fear takes no time to strike a man’s heart while courage takes time to build up and needs great power to shrine through the darkness. Fear prevents someone from acting against evil, but by standing up for what is right and facing the evils ahead simply more important than defeating it because it will be able to ignite the courage within others. It may appear that bravery also needs fear, but this is not case because someone could simply be dared to eat a worm and be considered brave.
Courage and bravery are different from each other because courage takes fear to achieve. Bravery and stupidity said to be more related from the saying “The line between bravery and stupidity is so thin that you don’t know you’ve crossed it until you’re dead.” Courage takes something deeper, it takes heart to accomplish. Donating a kidney to a loved one takes more courage than it does bravery. Courage is having the will to follow one’s heart and doing what their passionate about while bravery is being able to face odds with no hesitations.
Courage is in are lives from a day to day basis, but it takes fear to be able to call upon such courage, yet bravery can just as easily be obtained as courage. Courage is something that pushes humans to new heights and allow us to obtain new goals.