Speech intorduction Alcohol is the most used recreational drug in New Zealand which means the pressure for teenagers to drink is higher than ever


Alcohol is the most used recreational drug in New Zealand which means the pressure for teenagers to drink is higher than ever. This is causing more and more teenagers to drink which is creating greater health risks. in this report i want to find out if teenagers should be allowed to drink my research questions are, how many teenagers drink, the affect of alcohol on teenagers and why teenagers may drink.

How many teenagers drink?
The amount of teenagers that drink is becoming a problem as more teenagers are starting to drink each year. A study from web md shows that less then 30% of teens from all over the world over the age of 15-17 have drunk alcahol in the past month, but a study from alcohol.org showed that in 2012 59% of new zealnd teenagers drink. Numbers like these show that drinking among teenagers is popular. If it was agaist the law for teenagers to drink this number will proablbly would still be reasonably high. What most teenagers dont know is that drinking alcohol has a greater impact on teenagers then it does adults which brings me on to my next point.

What is the affect of alcohol on teenagers?
Most teenagers know some of the risks they are taking when they drink alcohol but still choose to intensivley drink. Medicenenet.com said that alcohol decreases a teens abailty to pay attention and the teenage brain that has been exposed to alcohol can get smaller, teens health says that alcohol is a depressat which means it slows the centrl nervous system and can relive stress and anxiety. A study from otago universety says that the misuse of alcohol by teens has been assosiated with increased risk of of a number of outcomes including higher risk of motor vehicle collisions, injuries and death, crime, violence, sexual assult, menatl health problems and victiomisation. Alcohol doent just impact you short term it impacts your brain long term espesally in teenagers as the teenage brain is still developing. This affects them later on in life which they may not know so teenagers should be more educated on how alcohol affects you and your brain.

Why do teenagers drink?
The pressure of kepping up with school and your social life as a teenager can be stressful and there are many things that can relive stress but the most popular one is alcohol and drugs and studies have proven this. Partnership a site for drug free kids states that the main reason teens drink id because of peer pressure, social media and ecsape from stress. Reasearch from delaware says that some of the main reasons for drinking amoungst teenagers is due to adult role models drinking, trying to be like threre friends and they have problems with there amily, thir friends or themselves. alcohol.Org says that a few of the main reasons teenagers drink is because of early introduction to alcohol, exposure of adult binge drinking and easy access to alcohol. Stuff interviewed some sholl aged students and they said they are more likley to drink when they are with their friends. Teenagers mailny drink alcohol because of peer pressure. Teenagers also drink more if the alcohol is supplied. This is also causing teenagers to drink more because teenagers tend to drink more in a party enviroment and at most partys alcohol is supplied and there is alot of peer pressure so teenagers feel pressured to drink

Personally i think that the reasearch indicates that teenagers should be allowed to drink yes, there are risks and the alcohol can affect you later on in life but reduced amounts of drinking can reduce that. In conclusion yes drinking amounst teenagers may be harmful but if teenagers are in a controlled enviroment and watch how much and how often they drink these risks can be decreased