Plastic surgery should be considered socially acceptable When looking at yourself in a mirror

Plastic surgery should be considered socially acceptable
When looking at yourself in a mirror, have you ever considered to get plastic surgery? Over the last few decades, social media has rapidly gained in popularity, and it has exhibited many posts and images, in which demonstrate ideal ‘beauty’ with specific standards regarding what it means to be ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’. The standards require society to be ‘perfect’, which are impossible for the average person to attain. Some people are simply content to live with their natural appearance while others are thinking of improving the way they look. One of the solutions is plastic surgery, which is very effective in terms of changing their ‘natural look’ into their ‘desired look’. There are reasons why plastic surgery should be considered socially acceptable.
One of the most significant benefits of plastic surgery is improved self-confidence and self-esteem. A few years ago, the faculty of Graduate School of Western Carolina University stated that self-perceived attractiveness is significantly correlated with life satisfaction. Some individuals have certain physical features with noticeable impacts on their daily life such as skull deformities, hyperpigmentation, and many others. Some people tend to regard such features as unpleasant while being reluctant to socialise and communicate with them. Then, this leads to low self-esteem and depression, and they have trouble in living with the features in this society thus avoid social interactions. In these cases, the plastic surgery can help them to remove abnormalities and give a chance to resume a normal happy life.
Plastic surgery can be performed due to medical reasons. Changing physical appearance is not the only purpose of getting plastic surgery. For example, some children are born with defects or syndromes that can be treated in childhood through plastic surgery. Pediatric plastic surgeons have a board certification and they are specialised in treating these conditions in children. Another example is damage from accidents such as malformation, thermal or chemical burn, deep scars, and so on. Plastic surgery can bring back patients’ original appearance or conditions before the accident.
Plastic surgery can improve a person’s overall health condition by resolving health issues. For instance, breast reduction is an ideal solution for women who have extremely large breasts in comparison to their frames. The women deal with a large number of problems, and this treatment can show amazing effects on a woman’s posture and result in relief from neck, shoulder and back pain. In addition, breast reduction can improve a woman’s tolerance for exercise that she was unable to do before. Plastic surgery can contribute to making those women’s life normal and fulfilling.
Despite plastic surgery has been around us for decades and has become more and more popular, there is still a stigma which only emphasises the negative consequences that the operations sometimes result in. However, plastic surgery has a number of positive effects as well; improving self-confidence and self-esteem, saving a person from the damage caused by accidents, and contributing to health conditions. All these evidence prove that plastic surgery can be beneficial for a person’s overall health, and it is socially acceptable.