In nursing it is important to know the history and foundation of nursing

In nursing it is important to know the history and foundation of nursing. Florence Nightingale created a pathway for nurses to understand how it all began. Nurses should know their history to learn from it and establish better health care practices. Nursing has evolved and has developed as a profession throughout the centuries.

The three trends in nursing practice from the “Nursing Timeline of Historical events” that influenced my perspective in practice are Infection control, Nursing uniforms and Nursing Technology. Florence Nightingale developed an environmental theory for infection control. She believed with good hygiene it would be less exposure to infection. Handwashing technique which is the #1 solution to prevent the spread of germs and infection from to another in the healthcare. Seeing how in the Crimean War there was no proper training as to how to care of the ill with a proper technique. She created training to decrease infection to improve the outcome in patient care.

Nursing uniforms has changed throughout the years as to what is required to wear. It helps identify our role and represents us as nurses. Nurses use to have to wear all white in the past centuries but now in the workplace you can wear any color scrubs. When I graduated in my LPN and RN we carried the trend of wearing the uniform dress and cap as part of our pinning ceremony.

Technology in nursing has increased as what can be utilized to perform our daily practice in the healthcare. Due to the increased growth in the population of patients, it has helped nurses with our everyday routine at our workplace. Having the tools we need to take care of our patients has helped us with time to give the right care in a timely manner and to foresee their problem to give proper care. In the past the nurses didn’t have a blood pressure machine they had to do it manually even though still this day we still as nurses still prefer to due it manually due to the machines not giving an accurate reading because they are not calibrated.

Nursing is one of the most passionate career. We are not here just to treat the problem or disease but also be there for our patients emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Reading the Historic timeline event has taught me how historical leaders in the past centuries have worked so hard to build this pathway for us in this field.