I was seven when the Asian financial crisis happened

I was seven when the Asian financial crisis happened. The then Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir made a brave political move despite facing objections to overcome the dark period. In my teen years, based on what happened during the crisis I realised that a good leader needs vision, and persistence to materialise goals. Since then, I live by this principle. The following examples will show my qualities in leadership.
Currently, I am a product design lecturer in a private institution in Kuala Lumpur. Coming from the design industry, I was assigned to teach five final year undergraduates. Although I am new, I realised that they lack computer-aided design (CAD) skill for the internship. I brought up this issue in a faculty meeting. Thus, this caught the attention of the faculty’s dean. I successfully convinced the dean to allow me to bring the students to a one-week intensive workshop by the industry expert. Using my networking skill, I contacted a government institution to conduct a workshop. However, they need a minimum of twenty participants to grant professional CAD certificate which led me to persuade related programs such as multimedia and graphic design to join the workshop. I managed to get twenty-five participants consisted of lecturers and students. It went as planned. By the end of the class, lecturers received a recognised certificate that improves their resume while students are motivated to perform their internship.
Another leadership example occurred in my final undergraduate year. Art and design program organise an exhibition from nine different courses annually. Preceding to my batch’s degree show, industrial design course visitors decreased gradually based on registrar’s data. I volunteered to re-brand our corporate identity (CI) to boost our image and introduced a uniform that will enable visitors to identify my classmates in a massive crowd. Simultaneously, I initiated a brand activation such as flyer distribution which my peers were willingly obliged. It was a success. Three of my classmates were offered a job on that day. Due to the positive outcome, the department continued to use the CI for four years.
In summary, leadership brings a sense of purpose. Being able to influence like-minded people towards the same goal is to refine the quality of life. With Chevening scholarship, I will obtain new knowledge of man management by learning from the best, and I wish to bring back to my country to develop industrial design community.