Good Morning / Afternoon everyone

Good Morning / Afternoon everyone. Today I’m going to talk about Why Study is Important. To me, study is about knowledge gain. It also help us to build opinions and ideas in our daily life. By studying, we could convert information into knowledge. With knowledge, we are more capable of understanding issues and provide solutions.
At one point in our life, we must studied for our school lessons, school presentations, case studies, project assignments and etc. We could not be better in facing life’s challenges, if we do not study.
In school, students could not pass their exams if they do not study. If we do not study, we end up not being able to graduate and also we could not find a better job. Studying is important to help us grow mentally as we could not be stagnant forever. Studying also helps our country to be better because the more educated the people are, the better the citizens will be.