“Buster Gibbons”

“Buster Gibbons”.
Mrs Gibbons scraped her yellow greyhound off the scales after his mass was calibrated; 20.45 Kg. She shuffled hurriedly towards Consult Room 1. Buster walked forward, skulking close to the ground. With a hidden tail and watchful darting eyes, the feeble animal jolted at even the smallest sound. Upon reaching the doorway of the consult room, the dog’s legs crumpled and with a soft thump he collapsed to the floor. Worriedly, the woman bent over to restabilise him, her face creased with concern.

Dr Wood lifted Buster onto the table with complete ease. The man was veterinary experience personified. He ran his hands over the dog’s frame, angular bones pressed into his palms at every joint. Gently, he lifted the snout of the frail greyhound.

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The vet’s eyes enlarged.