Amandeep Brar CUL402SYA Song Essay This essay describes the peace

Amandeep Brar
Song Essay
This essay describes the peace, protest and antiwar in the sixties with reference to the Vietnam War. The two songs “Universal Soldier” by Sainte-Marie and “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan. Both songs are sung by different-different artists but the main idea behind the song is totally related to war peace and protest for life against white people in 1960.
As we know that every nation had their political issues in the past. An issue like politics, caste discrimination which leads the country to war. Vietnam War is the one of the longest war in the history. In 1960-70, people did protests against American. Many of the artists sang their songs on the situations and results of the Vietnam War. Above two songs are sung to show grief and feeling towards Vietnam War. The song “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan and “Universal Soldiers” by Sainte-Marie called about to stop the war. All soldiers are brother and they should stop fighting between them. All essay is focused on the Vietnam War facts and situation. Artists of both songs tried to give a peace message to the readers about Vietnam War.
The Universal Soldiers is the song written and music by Buffy Sainte-Marie. It is from the Album name It’s My Way! This song was not so much popular in the opening. Sainte-Marie did not think that her songs will become popular among masses. But she recorded it. He recorded this song in 1964. She wants to address all the soldiers of the world throughout his song. This poem was based on the graffiti of the soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War. This song was originally coming from a Poem “Mystery Poem”. This song is starting with lyrics “He’s five feet two and he’s six feet four \ He’s been a soldier for a thousand years” (Lyrics of the song). These lines indicate the height limits of the soldiers in 1961. In other lines, Sainte-Marie talks about the soldier’s age limits which lie between 17 to 31. The soldiers always a soldier in his life for a thousand years.
In the next section of his song lyrics from “He’s a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain \ Kill you for me my friend and me for you” (Saint-Marie). These lyrics tell about the religious fact of the soldiers. In the war, soldiers did not think about their religions whether he belongs to Hinduism, Sikhism, Jain or Catholicism. They all are brothers. She attentive soldiers by saying that all soldiers are fighting for the respect of the country. It means they should do fight for the victory of their country. In next lines, she fascinated to all soldiers that they were taken the wrong path to bring the war to the end. In other words, commanders of the war should examine the situation before joining the war. A war could destroy the whole country. So, they should not fight for something which is not beneficial for them.
The last stanza of the song “But without him / This is not the way we put the end to war” (Sainte-Marie). These lines are typically indicating that soldiers should not join the war. She demonstrates that a soldier can not blame their leader. As he is one who is ready to fight in the war. Every soldier has their own wish. If there will be no soldier in the country, it means no war. She says that every soldier is someone’s brother, father, Father-in-law. So, we should think about relations before going to kill soldier in war.
Let’s talk about the second song “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan. This song is written in 1963 and taken from the album “The Freewheelin”. This song is a strong criticism of the masses responsible for the Vietnam War known as Cold War. It is dedicated to the people who died in the Cold war. It shows the sense of unforgiveness throughout its lyrics. All the lyrics of this song is motivative. It is one of the popular songs in the time of sixties. Bob Dylan used the powerful and calm words in the song. Dylan recorded his song in the criticism of American Leaders.
Bob Dylan says “Like Judas of old \ You lie and deceive” (Bob Dylan). This means he Is trying to give a religious meaning to the people of sixties. Bob Dylan was a great writer of songs. He tries to show his feeling by his lyrics. He is showing his antagonism throughout his lyrics. When we listen to this song lyrics, it feels like that Bob Dylan is giving a motivational and important message to the people about results of Vietnam war. He wanted that people should know American Leaders tricks. In addition, he is saying by his song to attention all the sixties people with political tricks by the government.
Moreover, Bob Dylan wants to protect the people from the leaders. We can take an example of today political parties. Some days before the voting of President\Leader, all political worker focused on the tricks that they made to win the elections. They never think about country development and people. Political leaders just make people fool by doing fake promotion to winning the elections. All in all, they want their leadership of the country. The same situation was present in the 1960’s. Bob Dylan records his songs to save the country people from bad leadership. The song “Masters of War” by Dylan leaves a great impact on the people of 1960’s. All song lyrics give the attentive message to masses of 1960’s.
In the last, both songs are highly appreciated and popular lyrics. The song “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan is highly strong in lyrics with a comparison of songs “Universal Soldier” by Sainte-Marie. The song by Bob Dylan is full of attention, calm and steady. On the other hand, the song by Sainte-Marie is speechless from the idea and words that she used in her song. I liked “Universal Soldier” lyrics because it is very simple to read and easily remembered. This song is fully dedicated to the soldiers who fight wars. Each stanza of the song leaves a great message to the humanity.


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