Abstract Domestically kept pets

Domestically kept pets, dogs to be specific have a rare but an interesting skill set that consists of a sharp observation regarding how mankind communicates and what is expected of their behavior, a dog might know it all. They have a fairer, a slightly more reasonable understanding of it when they are put into a comparison with other species. Pet Dogs find it easier to follow directions and catch hints about their owners, which suggests a supreme level of understanding. This paper is an attempt to shed some light on and improve the already existent mutual understanding between mankind and their pet dogs. This special knowledge that pet dogs have regarding their owners became a part of their DNA while the dogs were familiarized to a domestic environment, the theory of evolution in action. This is not just a psychological phenomenon but some of their physical features changed too. This leads us to propose that evolution can help generate special skills in not only dogs, but other similar species in animal kingdom, and is equally applicable on humans. The dogs have a similar communication system and hence treating dogs with anxiety and depression could lead to similar benefits to not only the dog, but also the owner as pets serve the purpose of a proper support system.
It is not very often that we see a dog and we can make fair and reasonable judgments about what they are up to, how they feel and what is going on in their minds, the same way we can form judgment when we observe a human. We can always tell if one looks irritated, weary or sick. Regular people have not yet developed such detailed insights regarding dog behavior. With an increasing interest in cognitive abilities of animals, and the scientific research done on this topic, one thing is pretty evident- dogs do have a mind and they know how to use it. They have an intelligence system that allows them to react to their surroundings, enables them to sense danger when they are out in the wild, and allows them to decide for themselves. Dogs may not have the ability to talk like humans but they have their own ways of communicating with humans, as well as other animals. The role of animals in today’s world is crucial and they are recognized as a key component of the ecosystem. The services of dogs are used in military and policy, they serve educational and therapy purposes and are most importantly a system of love and support for people who pet them. This paper aims to understand and analyze how dogs communicate their feelings such as anxiety, depression or jealousy. In order to do so, whether or not dogs are actually capable of projecting these feelings and if they are, how should one go about an effective therapy? The thesis aims to develop and understanding of dog’s cognitive ability and trace psychological trauma or other issues such as jealousy, anxiety or depression among dogs. (Harris, 2)