Small homes in the Twin Cities

Small Houses in the Twin Cities Metro Do you have a small house in the Twin Cities Metro?  Do you know someone who has a small house in the Twin Cities?  If you know of someone who has a small house or who wants a small house in the Minneapolis, St. Paul Metro, we want to hear from you.  We love the growing small house movement and are writing a book on small houses in MSP.  If you have a story or know someone with a story about a small house in Minnesota, please put us in touch.  The small house movement in MN has been around for a long time but seemed to lose its way. Why do you love your small home?  Why do you want a small home?  What are the benefits of a small home?  Let’s explore this together.  We are seeking guest bloggers who are as passionate about small homes as we are.  It would be especially awesome if you live in the Twin Cities or anywhere in Minnesota for that matter, but even if you don’t, we want to hear from you.  Here is a link to the best Realtor in the Twin Cities we have found on the subject.  We are searching for builders and remodelers who also know a thing or to about small home construction. Share your story about a small home in the Twin Cities We want to spread the joy of living in a small home and share the benefits of owning a small home.  There has been a huge emphasis on large homes in the Twin Cities and the Suburban Sprawl seems to have exacerbated the phenomenon. We believe the trend will change.  We believe the trend should change.  We believe in small homes, especially small homes in the Twin Cities.